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At Amazon Wizard we off the most comprehensive amazon fba course for new sellers. After selling on amazon fba UK for a few years and overcoming many obstacles we have put together the most important information you need to know if you want your Private Label Products to succeed on the amazon marketplace. If you are looking for an amazon fba training course in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, India,  or worldwide then look no further!


What are the Amazon Seller BENEFITS FOR YOU: 

  1. QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE for anything you are not sure about, just scroll through the modules list and find what you need! Whether selling on Amazon FBA UK or elsewhere these tutorials give you essential knowledge for selling on Amazon. 
  2. You will be able to bring to market a product that NO ONE ELSE COULD EVEN DREAM OF FINDING – with my advanced product researching strategies I help you build your own methods of finding products that no one can copy!
  3. FINANCIAL FREEDOM – the income from Amazon FBA is passive thus buying you the time you so desperately want to enjoy and live your life! It requires a good deal of amazon training first though and thats what our amazon FBA training course offers! 
  4. an answer for EVERYTHING – this course covers all the difficult aspects no one else talks about, I even include 2 months of email mentoring so that you can ASK ME ANYTHING and I will assist you using my extensive experience and know how.
  5. SALES COMING IN FASTER THAN YOU CAN REFRESH THE PAGE! – my ranking and optimising strategies are very advanced, I have years of experience developing websites and doing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation); I reveal all the tricks in this course that get your product ONTO THE FIRST PAGE OF AMAZON 
  6. VALUE FOR MONEY – when developing my course I wanted to see what else was out there so purchased some American courses, these cost over £3000 and were rubbish! Half the advice was out-dated and some of the tips you can’t even use in the amazon marketplace. The Amazon Wizard Course is intentionally very affordable; my dream is to support and mentor a new group of budding entrepreneurs that I can continue to share value with in the future…
  7. Just click on the video below to see the EXTENSIVE list of training modules included in this course – there are over 140 videos of content!
  8. FREE BONUS MATERIAL – as a thank you to my new students I have added some BONUS VIDEOS & TEMPLATES including a step by step guide on how to produce high graphic design quality product images using completely free software. I also share my own shipping templates, product appraisal checklists, insert card templates, customer feedback email templates and MUCH MORE!

Introduction, Setting up your company & Amazon Seller Account

You will learn the fundamentals of starting your online business including business bank accounts and limited company. We will cover the Business Mindset you need for success and money management skills.

Amazon FBA Product Research & Sourcing/Shipping

Based on the most creative up-to-date tools & techniques we cover all the different methods of product research, we help you decide those which will provide you with the most profit and ease of selling. We cover different manufacturers and the types of shipping available including how to negotiate in detail

Optimising Amazon Listings, Advertising & Brand Development

Learn the ins and outs of increasing your amazon rankings including use of advertisements and other methods. Learn how to scale your business and increase your margins. We discuss Pan-European FBA and Brand Registry


Don’t spend hours fishing around for tutorials that only skim the surface. Learn Amazon selling from experienced professionals comprehensively from start to finish. The Amazon Wizard FBA training Course is detailed and comprehensive. Save yourself hours of wasted time that you could be spending on sourcing & selling your next hot selling private label products!

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We teach you the tips & tricks to maximise your exposure on Amazon for high views and conversions

The Amazon Algorithm

Getting high up on the first page is essential for success as an Amazon FBA seller. Think about it for a minute – the best marker for ranking is your sales velocity – however how can you ever think to get sales if you are not ranked high enough! Everyday I see hundreds of poorly constructed and poorly worded amazon listings, its no wonder people struggle so much. We will help you get your products where they should be so that you can concentrate on generating maximum profit whilst providing your customers with good quality products and customer service

Optimising your listings

Learn how to develop visually fantastic looking listings optimised for high conversion rates. We take you step by step through the process of adding your products to the Amazon marketplace whether that be in the UK or European Union (EU).

    £ 690
    This is the Promotional Price that will continue until I reach my maximum of 25 students per month as I can’t personally mentor anymore than that, at that point the cost will return to the original £1995
    • Full access to our learning hub
    • New content added weekly
    • over 140 training modules
    • 3 months of personal mentoring included!

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    Is the course time-limited?

    No, you can learn at your own pace and you will have full access to the course material and this is lifelong! We add new content weekly so there’s always something to keep an eye on. From time to time Amazon will change their policies & guidance, I will update the course in the coming months and years with this new information and how it will influence what we do as successful sellers

    Is the course helpful internationally?

    The Amazon Wizard is a comprehensive amazon FBA selling course which is just as relevant in other markets! The skills taught are the same needed in the United States as it is in the EU, India and other countries around the world. There are slight tax, company variations but that is all!

    I am already selling on Amazon, will this course be useful?

    Absolutely! Infact this course is even more beneficial for those selling already as all the education you receive will be relevant and you will understand it better – thus it will help optimise and increase revenue for products you already sell whilst offering great advice on new products and scaling your business

    After going through the course, will I be ready to sell on Amazon?

    You will be more than ready……you will be in pole position to become a very successful seller! The vast majority of sellers on amazon just aren’t aware of the array of tools and tricks the top sellers use nowadays to ensure continuing success – we describe these in detail to support you in becoming a Best Seller!

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    Many past students have gone on to become successful best sellers and they even get involved in direct coaching & mentoring of new students

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