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A comprehensive Amazon FBA seller video training course designed to make your Amazon seller account a phenomenal success

How Can Amazon Wizard Transform Your Amazon Seller Fortunes?

The Amazon Wizard video guide is developed by a now very successful Amazon seller who was once in the same situation you are probably in now.

He was a seller who struggled with sales, had terribly optimized listings and even those dreaded and very difficult to reverse amazon seller account suspensions.

But, over several years, he persisted to try to become a successful seller on Amazon. Now, after almost a decade’s worth of work, he owns several Amazon Seller accounts that are responsible for multi-million dollars in annually sold inventory.

In Amazon Wizard, you have more than 5 years of acquired knowledge in the form of mistakes, experimentations, trial and error and creative hacks and tricks condensed into easy to follow instructional videos, with each video designed to make you a successful Amazon seller.

With Amazon Wizard, you simply can’t fail as an Amazon seller!

In fact, Amazon Wizard is the only Amazon FBA Training Course that offers a 14 day, no questions asked money back guarantee. If you feel Amazon Wizard can’t or won’t help you, request a refund and have the money you paid for the training course sent back to you, no questions asked.

Amazon Wizard; All the Amazon Seller Training You Need, and More!

Amazon Wizard understands that every Amazon seller has different circumstances that challenge their ambitions. For some, just setting up an account successfully can be a challenge. For others, creating attractive listings that get organic exposure could be their biggest challenge. For some, just about every aspect of selling on Amazon could be difficult.

Amazon Wizard addresses all such concerns. Whether you are a complete newbie to Amazon selling or have modest success or are even a prominent seller looking to maximize sales, Amazon Wizard can give you training that you just didn’t have before.

A Comprehensive Amazon FBA Video Training Course

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What You Will Learn With Amazon Wizard?
Everything You Need to Know About Selling on Amazon!
Here’s a brief summary on what you will learn when you sign up for the Amazon Wizard online seller training course.


#1 Introduction to Amazon Selling & Account Setup

One of the first steps to become a successful Amazon seller is to actually become a verified and approved Amazon seller. Amazon Wizard walks you through the rather complicated process of incorporating a company, creating a storefront and then becoming a verified seller.

This is a process that so many people get wrong, leading to account suspensions, suspensions that are usually irreversible!

  • Introduction to Amazon selling & account setup
  • How to incorporate a company, step by step?
  • How to fulfill requirements for memorandum articles of association?
  • Registering VAT
  • How to create an Amazon storefront?


#2 Private Label or Arbitrage

Arbitrage is a brilliant way to quickly become a successful and profitable Amazon seller. But, if you don’t know what you are doing, you won’t go anywhere with this opportunity! Amazon Wizard helps you navigate through arbitrage opportunities, giving you a brilliant chance at selling private label goods.

  • How to research lucrative arbitrage opportunities?
  • How to create arbitrage product listings?


#3 In-Depth Product Research

Choosing the right product or products is going to make or break your Amazon seller account. Amazon Wizard gives you an in-depth understanding of how to choose products that catapult your success to sell on Amazon.

  • The basics of product research
  • Advanced product research
  • Profit margin calculation
  • Finding the right product niche
  • How much to invest in inventory?
  • Assessing competition
  • How to differentiate a product?
  • Creative techniques to find lucrative products
  • Product pricing intelligence


#4 Registering Your Brand, Ungating, Invoicing & More

Amazon Wizard gives you training and strategy that shall allow you to become a long-term success at Amazon, as a seller. You no longer have to churn and burn as an Amazon seller. Learn ways to build a long-term brand on the world’s largest e-commerce platform.

  • Long-term branding
  • How to sell in restricted categories (ungating)?
  • An overview of Patents/IP/Trademarks & Copyright


#5 Finding Suppliers & Shipping

The quality of your suppliers will also determine your fate as an Amazon seller. Amazon Wizard takes the guessing game out of finding the right suppliers and shipping arrangements.

  • How to smartly contact suppliers, saving time?
  • Where to source products?
  • ODM, OEM and MOQ suppliers
  • How to find manufactures who can source your products?
  • An overview of popular product sourcing platforms
  • A dedicated video on Alibaba sourcing
  • How to negotiate with suppliers?
  • How to setup ultra-efficient shipping?


#6 Amazon Seller Central Basics

Amazon might call it Amazon Seller Central Basics but the fact of the matter is that it isn’t basic at all, if you don’t know what you are doing! If you don’t know what barcodes, EAN numbers and hijacking is, you need a step-by-step schooling on Seller Central Basics! Amazon Wizard can do that for you.

  • How to choose a category & subcategory?
  • Introduction to barcodes and EAN numbers
  • How to fulfill on multichannel platforms?
  • How to update inventory?
  • Packaging products & labelling
  • Dealing with Hijackers!
  • A special hack that will get you super-expedited support from seller support!


#7 Creating and Optimizing Your Listings

Creating brilliant product listings is the Holy Grail to success as an Amazon Seller. However, a vast majority of Amazon sellers get their listings spectacularly wrong! Amazon Wizard walks you through every little step to create perfect listings, ones that draw in tremendous traffic and sales.

  • Keyword optimization and keyword finding tools
  • Optimizing images, targeting misspelt words & other hacks and tricks
  • How to increase conversion rates?
  • Amazon pricing strategy, with psychology rationale
  • SEO optimization


#8 Launching Your Amazon Product Successfully

Simply listing a product doesn’t mean it will begin to magically sell. You have to promote it, making the most of the product’s launch! Amazon Wizard teaches you everything you need to know to make your product launch a definite success.

  • How to create promotions and coupon codes?
  • How to create vouchers?
  • Lightning deal setup
  • Setting up product giveaways
  • Analyzing intelligence reports provided by Amazon Seller Central


#9 Gaining Quality Long-Term Amazon Reviews

Many have attributed Amazon’s phenomenal success to its review system. Reviews are fantastic social proof to vouch for a product. If you are however having trouble getting reviews for your products, Amazon Wizard can give you many actionable steps to dramatically increase the reviews you obtain on your sales.

  • 6 methods to help you obtain more reviews
  • How to get verified reviews, reviews that usually explode sales?
  • How to use tools like Feedback Genius, to increase review engagement among your customers?
  • Curation of email sequence to solicit more reviews
#10 Amazon Sponsored Ads and Other Promotions

Amazon’s sponsored campaigns, when done right, give you a tremendous opportunity to high very attractive ROI on your marketing spend. Amazon Wizard gives you specific tips on how to make the most of Amazon sponsored campaigns, as well as other paid campaigns.

  • Creating high ROI Amazon sponsored campaigns
  • Creating manual campaigns
  • Leverage Facebook promotions


& More Training Modules That Include…
  • Creating an Amazon brand registry to ensure long term success as a seller
  • Troubleshooting to help you fix common seller problems!
    • Why is my product not selling?
    • Why are my sales so slow?
    • Why are my conversion rates so slow?
  • Scaling your Amazon Seller business!
    • How to create multiple Amazon seller accounts?
    • How to protect your seller account in the long-term?
    • How to stay abreast of Amazon’s many policy changes?
150+ Video Training Modules
Learn Everything There is to Learn about Successfully Selling on Amazon

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***Includes 3 Months of Personal One-On-One Mentorship***
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Includes 3 Months of Personal One-On-One Mentorship

Amazon Wizard is the only Amazon FBA training program that gives you a 3 month one-on-one mentorship promise. You can begin this at any time you want, meaning that it doesn’t start automatically when you enroll for the course. It starts when you want it to start!

With one-on-one mentorship, you have an incredible opportunity of asking a seasoned multi-million dollar Amazon seller any question you want answered, about your personal Amazon seller account!

FREE Bonus Material

The creator of Amazon Wizard will share a step-by-step guide to help you create extremely high quality product images, using a fully free tool.

Also available as bonus material is actual shipping templates, product appraisal checklists, insert card templates, customer feedback templates, email marketing templates & more, once used by the creator of Amazon Wizard himself!


The Most Complete Amazon FBA Seller Video Training Course

Get Instant Access to Amazon Wizard Now

Limited Time Only! 

Is the course time-limited?

No, you can learn at your own pace and you will have full access to the course material and this is lifelong! We add new content weekly so there’s always something to keep an eye on. From time to time Amazon will change their policies & guidance, I will update the course in the coming months and years with this new information and how it will influence what we do as successful sellers

Is the course helpful internationally?

The Amazon Wizard is a comprehensive amazon FBA selling course which is just as relevant in other markets! The skills taught are the same needed in the United States as it is in the EU, India and other countries around the world. There are slight tax, company variations but that is all!

I am already selling on Amazon, will this course be useful?

Absolutely! Infact this course is even more beneficial for those selling already as all the education you receive will be relevant and you will understand it better – thus it will help optimise and increase revenue for products you already sell whilst offering great advice on new products and scaling your business

After going through the course, will I be ready to sell on Amazon?

You will be more than ready……you will be in pole position to become a very successful seller! The vast majority of sellers on amazon just aren’t aware of the array of tools and tricks the top sellers use nowadays to ensure continuing success – we describe these in detail to support you in becoming a Best Seller!

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