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    Using Jungle Scout Chrome Extension – COMMON MISTAKES when Appraising Jungle Scout Data

    March 3, 2019

March 3, 2019

Using Jungle Scout Chrome Extension – COMMON MISTAKES when Appraising Jungle Scout Data

Jungle Scout is a great tool for Amazon sellers to aid them with product research. I personally use Jungle Scout along with its chrome extension and I thought I should make a video covering common mistakes sellers make when using the Jungle Scout chrome extension.

Becoming Too Obsessed with the Opportunity Score

While I’m not discounting the utility of this score, but this shouldn’t be the only thing you base your decision on. The opportunity score is derived from the information given to you by Jungle Scout on the keyword you’ve searched for. There will be room for inaccuracies because there may be products there that slipped in that are only remotely related to your product idea. You should take a look at the metrics yourself to see if there is demand for your product idea in the marketplace you’re selling on.

Not Double Checking Your Main Keyword

In the video I looked up “beard comb” on Amazon as an example for a main keyword. I recommend you double check this and what I teach my students to do is use the Jungle Scout extension to see the list of associated keywords for your product idea. This will give you a bit more perspective on whether you have found a good niche or not.

Looking at the Data Broadly

Some people only look at the Jungle Scout data broadly and never think to look at the individual products listed there. I mentioned before in the section about the Opportunity Score that there are some products that might only be remotely related to the keyword you have searched. You need to look at the data presented to you individually to look for items that might be skewing the data given to you.

Furthermore, we’ve only been given data such as the number of sales as is meaning we have no idea whether it came organically, from PPC or some other method. That’s an important for us to know because if most of these sales come from non-organic sources then you may want to be more careful about targeting this product. This emphasizes the importance of looking through at least 5 or 6 of your competitor’s listings to determine whether the niche has demand and at the same time isn’t too competitive.

Worrying About the Accuracy of the Data

People seem to worry about data accuracy but how important is accuracy and what do you even plan on doing about that? The data Jungle Scout gives are estimates like the revenue which is mostly based on the Amazon VSR rank for that product. Sales figures may not be accurate given the nature of online retail; I’ve had my products sell by a high volume and then the next day not at all. Best to think of the data presented to you as a guide.


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