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    Why My Amazon PPC Ads Got Suspended? Don’t Make These Mistakes! [Amazon PPC campaign]

    March 10, 2019

March 10, 2019

Why My Amazon PPC Ads Got Suspended? Don’t Make These Mistakes! [Amazon PPC campaign]

My Amazon ad was recently suspended. In this video we’ll take a look at their email which explains in detail what I did wrong and what I should do better in the future.

I find it hilarious that my product is tagged by Amazon as adult. Later I realized that the word adult is an important part of my listings title for that product. Amazon runs every ad through bots as a way to sort out any adult ads which are not allowed by Amazon and sometimes mistakes like my product being flagged does happen.

The next part of the email goes on about how they have removed the Adult flag for my product. So how did I manage to get them to do this? What I did is write a concise email asking them to reinstate it immediately as well as remove the adult flag for the listing.

On My Listing

Along with fixing my issue, they also provided me with some useful information to improve my campaign. These were the advice they gave me:

  1. Keywords: Make sure that your keywords are relevant to your product.
  2. Bid: Bids help you compete with other sellers to bring your ad to the top result.
  3. Category: Amazon basically recommends you set the correct category for the product.

This is interesting to me because Amazon is basically confirming much of the things I talk about in my Youtube channel. It’s good to remember that keywords people type in the search are different to the keyword that you have in your title. As much as possible you always want them to match. As with bids you really have to know your niche, you may not want to outbid others when there might be enough impressions daily with lower bids.

On Sales Through Advertising

Amazon goes on to tell me that though sponsored products may help me increase the exposure of my items, sales are still up to the buyer’s behavior no matter how much money you throw at it. Or at least that’s how I understood it. Amazon goes on to say that while customer behavior might be beyond your control you can always improve on some certain aspects of your listing such as the product images and descriptions to attract buyers.

Other Advice

Some other advice amazon gave me is to share on social media as well as contacting buyers to leave some feedback for your product. I find these advice rubbish and something you should ignore. If you’ve exhausted all Amazon tools only then should you consider social media. Seller feedback is also meaningless nowadays, what you’d want to get is product reviews. If you’re running private label then you don’t need to worry about the buy box because it’s your own listing.


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