• About Us

My name is Dr Sajad Ali, as you can guess from the name – I worked in the National Health Service (NHS) for years. I was exhausted, frustrated and looking for something where I could feel more fulfilled, have more influence over my day to day work and have the freedom to live my life how I desired. I also wanted to be better compensated for my time especially when putting in long hours and oncall shiftwork.


I discovered Amazon Selling after attending a Business Seminar – I had never even heard of it before. I had been an Amazon customer for many years but never previously put much thought into who was selling the products and how it worked. I use all my knowledge of training and understanding to help condense all you need to know about Amazon FBA Selling into a Comprehensive Easy to Follow Course.


I go through every part through to the minute details. I aim to assist new sellers in speeding up the process of amassing the knowledge and understanding required so your road to success is steeper and faster 🙂