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    Giveaway Launch Services Are Dead: Don’t Put Your Amazon Account At Risk…

    May 13, 2019

May 13, 2019

Giveaway Launch Services Are Dead: Don’t Put Your Amazon Account At Risk…

There has been a series of suspensions on Amazon all around the world with regards to misusing sales rank. This video will touch on what has been happening recently and what can you do to avoid getting your account suspended.

What’s Going On?

In the past, new sellers have always employed a plethora of strategies in order to get into the first page of whatever niche they are selling in. Some strategies have been addressed by amazon to be against their rules recently such as misuse of sales rank and misuse of search and browse.

My Advice for Amazon Sellers

If you’ve watched the first half of the video, you might be wondering what you should do.

Being suspended in Amazon for only short term gains with ranking is not worth it at all. It will also be a huge ordeal just to get your account reinstated because of the vague nature of Amazon not letting you in on what you potentially did wrong to warrant a suspension.

I’m not denying the pros of launch services but you should also consider the negatives. That said, it is more important to choose your product very carefully. You look for products that aren’t too difficult to rank in so you can probably make it in the first page with just the help of Amazon PPC.

Promotions should be done through Amazon and don’t discount your prices too much. Stick to the regular automatic email service as this still works well for me personally as long as the emails you send are within TOS.


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