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    How I Improved My Amazon Listing To Double Sales…

    May 13, 2019

May 13, 2019

How I Improved My Amazon Listing To Double Sales…

The quality of your listing matters as it can help you be ahead of your competition. In this video, I’ll cover some of the things that I do on my listings in order to improve it. As promised, this video will focus on product images and on primary product images in particular. We need to demonstrate how our product will benefit our customers and there’s no better way to do that by standing out with your product’s primary image. But how do you do that?

Adding Flair to Your Primary Image

The reason I went to vitamin C serums as an example for this part is because there’s only so much you can do to an image of a bottle of vitamin c in order to stand out. People have been very creative with that and they need to in order to survive this high-competition niche. Adding flair to your product images will catch the eyes of customers who are scrolling by more than those that only have a plain white background.

Show Your Product in Action

Showing your product is great but I believe that showing it in use will be better for your listing. I pulled up this section on dog harnesses and I reckon that the images with actual dogs wearing the harness did better. Some have also tried 3D renders in order to show the product in use and at a better view.

Zooming in Your Images

Another thing I’ve done is to zoom in on the more important parts of my product instead of capturing the entire thing.

 Measuring Your Image’s Performance

Unfortunately there’s no way, as far as I know, to split test product images in order to see which one will perform better. There are other alternatives out there including services that run your images through plenty of people to determine which image they prefer.

My Advice

When your product has reached a favorable ranking I would test different primary images for a full week to see if there will be a difference in sales.

A lot has changed in Amazon over the years and the things that worked back then are likely not going to work now. It’ll be hard to actually gauge how your primary images will affect your sales so you have to be resourceful when tracking it.

Finally, an amazing product image will never make up for a product that’s rubbish. Poorly selected products are a natural part of the learning process so make sure to take note and never do it again.


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