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    Why Amazon Title Keyword Stuffing Is A BIG Mistake…

    May 26, 2019

May 26, 2019

Why Amazon Title Keyword Stuffing Is A BIG Mistake…

Keyword stuffing doesn’t really work anymore and in this video, I’ll show you why that is as well as how you should approach keyword optimization for important sections of your listing.

Phrases vs Keywords

To illustrate my point, I go to Amazon and looked up a random item. After putting in one word the Amazon search bar is already giving me autocomplete suggestions. It’s safe to assume that the suggested phrases here are ones with a high search volume.

Nowadays, Amazon doesn’t care as much for the individual keywords you sprinkle over your listing compared to the phrases you put in. This works in both PPC and organic search.

Where to Get Keyword Phrases and Which to Go After

There’s this tool I’ve been using for a while now called Helium 10 and it’s been working well for me especially on the products I’ve just launched. My advice is to always go for keywords that are low in competition but there’s still quite a considerable amount of search volume. This is something Helium 10 can accomplish.

Your Amazon Listing’s Title Isn’t The End

While the title is a very important part of your listing, most people think that if they’ve optimized that well enough then they’re good to go. Make sure you give your description the same attention too. You don’t know what will work or not so the optimization that you do after launch will be the important part  of your product making it to the top of search results.


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